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Co-Curricular Activities

Academic interaction combined with an active set of co-curricular activities is a part of our culture, here at ISDI.  From game nights, to our ISDI band's Jam Session, Bake Sales for our cooking aficionados, there's always something creative brewing.

Social Activities

Being home to students from all across the country, we at ISDI celebrate every festival with unparalleled zeal and enthusiasm. Our calendars are marked with our annual Groove To Garba, Cosplay, Halloween and much more. 

Sports Activities

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life.  And that is why I succeed.”  -  Micheal Jordan. 

At ISDI, Sports is more than just an activity, it's something that helps our students unwind, but more than that, it helps them learn and grow. In collaboration with the Sports Department of the Student Council, teams for various sports are made, and students participate in tournaments/fests across the city.