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Asia’s First Inclusive and Virtual Creative Arts and Design Fest

A platform for creative individuals, artists, designers, filmmakers and all creatives at a college level to enhance skills and engage with industry professional that encourages an exchange of knowledge and ideas while building a conducive design community by dissolving the borders between all creative aspects. Curated with an array of hybrid events for creative expressions to together showcase their ideas and skills while connecting them with the industry. 


Passion is energy.
Our events are specifically designed to bring to you the opportunity to feel this power by focusing solely on what excites you by shifting from the genericity and adding our own twists.  Pre-event workshops and main-day events keep the participants and contingents charged up. 

Guests, Stalwarts & Sponsors

With our quality of events, we need guests, celebrities and stalwarts who fit the perfect role of judging these events. Our team ensures to get the perfect match. Some noteworthy names joined us to grace, enjoy and judge our events - 

Anaita Shroff Adajania - Fashion and Costume Stylist, Creative Director

Ishaan Nair - Director, Photographer, Writer 

Tarun Mansukhani - Writer, Director

Zerxes - MTV Insider, VJ

Rohit Redd - Entreypreneur, banker& marketing strategist

Lotuzhead - Anonymous street artist 

Pragya Paliwal - costume designer

Anuv Jain - Singer, Songwriter 

Mira Malhotra - Founder, Kohlstudio

Collaboration with DICE Fraternity

We take collaborating and team building seriously hence we rope in our DICE fraternity too!
Over the past two years of Inferno we have collaborated with the school of film and the school of hospitality and have had them as a part of our team. The School of Film has had core team members and coordinators in the organising committee who help us plan out the fest. They take care of the film, media and photography department of events too. The School of hospitality has taken care of our hospitality department for Inferno 2019, looking after and taking care of  our judges, guests and team members.

Opportunities after Inferno

One of our goals is to create a meaningful connection with the industry. We present a platform for students from all over the country to showcase their creative skills to industry professionals. The winners are awarded internships from the respective judges and their studios/companies. Along with that, our in-house team too has been awarded projects and internships with the celebrities, judges and sponsors they have interacted with. Many participants have received internship and project opportunities as a result of great performance at Inferno's events. Some have even received placement opportunities. That is the magic and the power of Inferno!

Pandemic didn't stop Inferno!

Back when everyone was confused about their college, campus and everything in between, we thought of aiding the confusion out by going virtual and creating a safe haven to release all the creativity. The plan of Inferno 2.0 to go virtual started early, in April 2020 and so came together - Asia’s First Virtual Intercollegiate Creative Arts and Design Fest. We pride ourselves over being pioneers of creating a platform that was fueled with technology and futurism.

Over the 6 months of preparation, we had a footfall of over 3500 attendees, 40 deemed colleges and universities across India and their contingents participating in our events, participating on zoom through the three day.  Creating an identity was absolutely imperative hence, our logistics team managed to ship out and deliver Inferno t-shirts and merchandise to our team of 170 students in the middle of the pandemic and made everyone feel belonged.

The output of all this hard work? A network, a community, a connection amongst colleges in the country to feel like they had a place to showcase their creativity and feel belonged when everything else around them felt the opposite.

There’s something about college fests that makes one feel almost invincible — spending quality time with your friends, competing in your choice of skill, and witnessing various performances may sound rather regular, but once you step foot into the fest’s atmosphere, there seems to be nowhere else you would rather be.

Amongst many other things, the Coronavirus pandemic has steamrolled over college fest plans too. However, that didn’t prove to be enough to take down the team at the Indian School Of Design & Innovation (ISDI). Last year, they organized the first edition of their inter-collegiate fest, Inferno, which was Asia’s first inclusive and accessible creative arts, film and design fest. Not limited to just design colleges, the fest saw participation from over 1,500 students.